I turned 28 on the same day we started the Cakes (I) unit. Could that timing be any more perfect? (Almost as perfect as starting the bread unit on the first night of Passover – but  more on that in my next post) We even spent most of the day on my actual birthday practicing how to write “Happy Birthday” on little marzipan plaques. And having weekend visitors to celebrate (and taste test my goodies) was just the icing on my very sweet 28-year-old-cake.

I knew there were different types of cakes: the ones I liked, ones I didn’t – the spongey-type ones, the super moist-type ones, the ones that really need icing, the ones that really don’t need icing, the really light angel-food-cake-ish ones, the really dense-heavy ones – the list goes on. Turns out, I know my cakes. What I didn’t know (and what I know now) are the technical names for all of those categories. I learned how to use a basketweave tip, and pour ganache over a cake, 5 different types of buttercream, how to incorporate melted butter into a batter, and the list goes on.

What you’re staring at (and hopefully drooling over) is: lemon chiffon cake, marjolaine (you can read more about what exactly that is, here), almond biscuit dacquoise with coffee buttercream, genoise (sponge cake) with creme d’or (chocolate whipped cream), chocolate genoise with whipped ganache, and flourless chocolate cake, covered in chocolate meringue pieces. (The flourless chocolate cake is the closest I’ll get to keeping Passover – sorry, parents!)

IMG_3184 IMG_3179 IMG_3180 IMG_3187 IMG_3176 IMG_3175

Too many cakes, not enough friends – my doormen are either starting to love me, or hate me. 🙂



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