And here’s, yet another babka.


I think a third-option babka would have really thrown off Jerry.

It’s still pumpkin spice season, and even the babka wants to be ‘basic’. This pumpkin spice babka recipe from tasting table is the real babka you just can’t beat.

If you don’t know what babka is, you haven’t watched Seinfeld, and you haven’t been to Breads Bakery: move these tasks to the top of your to-do list, immediately.
If you do know what babka is, but you’re too intimidated to make it at home: don’t be. There’s tons of videos online to help you through it, and after you watch one or two, you’ll feel confident enough to do a babka twist & shout all about it.

img_3878img_3874 img_3880

Pumpkin spice & everything basic,

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