Everyone: meet the cretzel.
Cretzel: meet everyone.

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Thanks to Dominque Ansel, king of the cronut, hybrid pastries are still going strong. My favorite Union Square pitstop, Breads Bakery (best babka in all the land) just came out with their own: the cretzel, a cross between a croissant and a pretzel, for their stand at the Bryant Park Winter Village – where all of my real life Christmas dreams come true.

The last week I was in New York, I was walking through Bryant Park, and I swear I cried a little… just because it was just so breathtakingly beautiful. It was also a Wednesday at 11am, so it was extra beautiful thanks to the very limited version of the usual super crowd squeezing through the booths and congesting the ice skating rink.

I didn’t think my mood could get any better thanks to my ‘city-high’…and then I saw the cretzels. They were all lined up, looking flaky and perfect as ever. They tasted just as good as they looked (especially the pizza flavor – going to have to try to make that one next time…).

I went back, pretty much every day until I left, equally for the cretzels and the ambiance. Now that I’m back in Florida, the FOMO is in full-force. I can’t bring myself back to the Bryant Park Winter Village, but I can (sort of!) bring the Bryant Park Winter Village to me, thanks to my Breads Bakery inspired cretzels.

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I think I’ll have to do a Christmas-cretzel recipe soon…

Cretzel 2020,

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