Hi there, I’m Lindsay – an Atlanta native, wiener dog enthusiast, sugar addict, self-taught turned professional baker.

I didn’t grow up baking in the kitchen with my mother or claiming the easy bake oven as my favorite pastime, but I spent my childhood dreaming of swiss cake rolls and all things sweet. I wholeheartedly believe that sleep is a time machine to breakfast, a party without cake is just a meeting, and dessert after every meal period is an absolute must.

I moved to New York City to study Pastry Arts at the International Culinary Center, and now I’m back in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – living the sweet life as a confectionary artist for Sweet Guilt, LLC, and teaching pastry classes at Sur La Table.


#bennysbaker started as an ‘Instagram organizational tool’ to show you what I’ve been baking while my husband – you guessed right, Benny – studied. This food and lifestyle blog will show you what I’m baking up in my kitchen, and what inspires me to do it.

Thanks for following along – I promise, it will be sweet.




  1. Alycia says:

    What an inspiring story, I am in the middle of making my move to NY from South GA to attend ICC. I will be attending an Open House very soon. Of course I am very nervous about leaving a very successful career to follow this passion. Any insight? How did you pay? How did you live? $$$$

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