I guess you could say I took a January blog break – sorry, it’s been too long!  But, I have a really good excuse – promise.

I started my new jobs. Not a typo, job(s). TWO jobs.

Fulltime, I’m a confectioner artist (yes, that’s a thing – dream jobs exist) for Sweet Guilt by Angelica, a boutique confection art gallery that specialized in customized designer cakes, couture inspired cupcakes, french macarons, & so much more.  Think: too pretty to eat, (almost). Believe it or not, my new boss, friend & role model, Angelica, actually came from a hotel background, too. It’s so meant to be it’s a little scary.

Parttime, I’m a pastry chef instructor at Sur La Table in Mizner Park. I get to teach croissants, and macarons, and doughnuts, and bagels, and chocolates, and so much more and it’s SO much fun that I still can’t believe I get paid to do it.

Last Saturday, I worked both jobs – I left my wiener dog around 6:30AM, and came home around 8:00PM, and it was the best day, ever. I even came home and messed around in my kitchen afterwards.

I’m 2x as tired, working 2x as hard, but – I’m 2x happier. I’m actually living the whole do-something-you-love-and-you-won’t-work-a-day-in-your-life thing, and it’s two good to be true.

I’ll still be baking in my spare time (of course) – so more recipes and what not to come, soon!

Happy Wednesday,

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